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India makes STRONG case for reducing test matches to 3 days!


At lunch on the third day of the fifth Investec test between India and England, India made a powerful statement in favour of 3 day test matches, by dismissing pretty much any chance of letting yet another game last all 5 days.

This is the fourth time in 4 years that India have declared their bold opposition to the 5 day format in England, the home of the sport. Coinciding with India’s 68th Independence Day celebrations, this final test sends a strong signal to the former colonial masters that their rules aren’t going to cut it any longer in the sport financially and emotionally adopted by India as its own, even though we aren’t very good at it.

Indian players shitting all over everyone's dreams of a series victory in England. This is a file photo, because this sort of stuff has happened several times before.

Facing reporters over lunch, a grim faced MS Dhoni tore into his fourth aloo paratha, and led the Indian offensive against the unfair rules of this imperial sport.

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