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How Dare #TOI Do This Thing We Have All Known Of For So Many Years??


The nation yesterday came to a screeching halt upon learning that Times of India, the national daily which has been instrumental in the packaging of millions of samosas and chaats all over India, had posted an article objectifying Deepika Padukone’s physical appearance. The article urged viewers to take a look at her dress, comment on her cleavage, and maybe accidentally click on an ad or two. Few people clicked on the ad, but footfall on the website surely went soaring up.

The screeching halt of the nation came not due to the article, the likes of which have been TOI bread and butter for several years, but because on this occasion leading actress Deepika Padukone took objection to being objectified this way.


Known for her stellar acting chops, Deepika has played a rebellious, modern woman (in Bollywood jargon: ‘one who wears mini skirts’) in nearly all her movies, barring one where she was a conventional, studious girl (Bollywoodese for: ‘one who will wear mini skirt after intermission’).

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